ITEQ Non-ferrous

ITEQ Non-ferrous

Besides processing steel, ITEQ also specialises in processing stainless steel and aluminium, i.e. non-ferrous. We have set up a separate production department for this purpose. Non-ferrous materials are processed strictly separately in this department. This means our production is ideally suited for supplying the semiconductor industry, agri sector and food industry, among others.

Professional in stainless steel processing

Stainless steel may not formally belong to non-ferrous materials, yet this iron will not corrode (rust) because stainless steel has a protective chromium oxide layer that prevents moisture coming into contact with the metal. This means we are perfectly equipped to process stainless steel. We also produce stainless steel welded compositions and frames, among other things. ITEQ is therefore a professional in stainless steel and aluminium processing.

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