The edges of newly produced metal parts are often uneven or have sharp edges. The process to remove these is called deburring, fettling or drumming. There are different techniques to achieve this. ITEQ also specialises in finishing stainless steel on the long belt grinding machine.


The Timesavers machines debur using a brush system, in which multiple brushes interact. As a result it grinds off sharp edges and any uneven areas. This improves the appearance of the metal but also contributes to safety and functionality. Our grindingmaster also makes it possible to apply a polish line to products.

Width Length Type of processing
Timesavers 41-series 900 mm 1900 mm Roller, Brush and Disc

Rotary finish

ITEQ possesses a drum machine in addition to the grindingmaster. This machine deburs products using ceramic stones, to which water and a compound are added for more effective removal of the swarf by the stones and to protect the product. In doing so the oxide film is removed from the cutting to achieve better adhesion of, for example, a powder coating.

Width Length Type of processing
Rösler Rotary vibrator R 420 EC 250 mm 250 mm Deburr


A Kuhlmeyer long belt grinding machine is ideal for removing welding seams extremely effectively and applying a finish. This sanding finish can be varied to produce any desired finish to the surface. The grinding belt can be tilted so that 3D products can be processed with ease. In addition to a higher quality finish, it usually allows a much shorter processing time as well.

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