CNC punching-laser cutting

CNC punching-laser cutting

We can perform CNC punching-laser cutting thanks to the very latest CNC punching and laser technology. In combination with our fully automatic warehouse we can produce 24/7 without the need for any personnel. Our mechanically controlled machines allow us to punch, deform, screw thread tap and convert with the utmost precision. The tolerances are minimal since all these processes are implemented in one clamp on a single machine.

Construction Power Thickness Range
Amada EML punching-laser cutting combi Full automatic cell 4 kW 6mm 3.0 x 1.5 m
  • Brush table prevents scratches to the sheet;
  • Automatic screw thread tapping and counter-boring;
  • Different types of embossing, deformations and louvres are possible;
  • Punching holes and deformations and laser cutting contours in a single production run;
  • The machine uses a fully automatic material and product warehouse for input and output;
  • Products, sheet remnants and standard sheets are automatically stored in this warehouse using a picker;
  • The warehouse offers space for 1,000 pallets and the output side is linked to the CNC department;
  • The sheet layouts are retrieved from here and delivered automatically.
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