CNC Bending

CNC Bending

With our offline programmable CNC bending machines we can perform extremely efficient and precise CNC bending. With a total of five different bending benches we are able to manufacture products from single pieces to series with consistent quality. For our customer this means an accurate end product.

Capacity Bending length
Amada CNC Bending machine 130 tons 3,000 mm
Amada CNC Bending machine 50 tons 2,000 mm
Amada CNC Bending machine 50 tons 2,000 mm (long stroke)
Amada HD ATC 110 tons 3,000 mm
LVD Dyna-Press 24 tons 1,000 mm
  • All CNC Bending machines are automatically programmed through a connection to SolidWorks.
  • Amada HD ATC: Automatic tool change for short changeover times for single piece production.
  • LVD Dyna-Press: Compact, fast, flexible and accurate for excellent performance for serial work.
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