In relation to engineering, production and surface treatments ITEQ Industries also provides assembly and final assembly services. These are carried out in two assembly areas separate from production, designed specifically for this purpose. Therefore, ITEQ Industries offers its customers turnkey solutions, from concept to end product.

Every step in the same hands

ITEQ offers a wide range of options with its two separate assembly halls. For example, in the spacious assembly hall various sheet metal parts are assembled, mechanical assembly is used for frames and cabinets up to and including installing mechatronics in modules and (control) boxes.

In the other hall finer assembly work is carried out related to, for example, unit packing of products for the semiconductor industry. And delivering boxed products ready for dispatch, with a label and barcode, which can subsequently be distributed worldwide. ITEQ can supply exactly what you need. With our experience you can be sure your requirements will result in a good product.

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