Shopfloor control

Shopfloor control

Shopfloor Control is our new shopfloor system, which is based on the people carrying out the work only seeing the process they are involved in. Therefore, not the following step, because what you can’t see, can’t distract you.

Our foremen that allocate the work see a rough planning on their screen and are authorised to drag the ‘time bars’ to the right employee or the right process. All mechanical work is planned according to the lead time, handcrafted work is preferably performed by as few people as possible. This allows us to work more efficiently and obtain minimal quality variation.

For ITEQ this means we link as much data as possible. This applies to stock, material flows, planning, requirements and information. By linking all this data we can increase efficiency and eradicate human error, or reduce it in any case. Examples include: an ERP package, a plan package, CAD/CAM links, using SolidWorks, calculation software, Exact bookkeeping, FMS system and an automated warehouse and automatically programmed sorting units.

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