ISO 3834-2

ISO 3834-2

ITEQ complies with the ISO 3834-2: 2005 standard. An international welding standard, which is an extension to the existing quality guarantee system, the ISO 9001. With a high level of welding management, as is the case at ITEQ Industries, the quality requirements are the most extensive and are established in the ISO 3834-2 standard.

*** Update 14-12-2020 ***
The aforementioned ISO 3834-2 welding standard must be provided with a recertification at ITEQ upon customer request.

What does the ISO 3834-2 mean for your organisation?

This certification guarantees that we demonstrably manage and have safeguarded the welding process in our production. As a supplier we guarantee the highest quality level.

The ISO 3834-2 certificate applies to welding arising from certified welding method descriptions by qualified personnel. This standard safeguards the traceability of materials, the training method for welders, the visual welding inspection, the correct (climate controlled) storage of welding consumables and maintenance of the welding equipment.

Increasing demand for certified welding companies

We are observing an increasing demand from the rail industry for certified welding companies. In Germany this norm has been the standard for years and it is now beginning to gain a foothold in the Netherlands. There are just a few companies that have obtained this higher level of certification and this makes ITEQ even more interesting as a supplier to this sector.

Moreover, these standards are only applied to specific requests from our customers.

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