DIN-EN 15085

DIN-EN 15085

The DIN-EN 15085 is a welding standard for the rail industry. ITEQ Industries is one of the few companies that complies with the DIN-EN 15085 standard. It means we have attained the highest level, CL1, which also certifies us with regard to welding load-bearing parts. We achieved the DIN-EN 15085 standard thanks to the outstanding training received by our welders and their extensive knowledge.

*** Update 09-06-2020 ***
The aforementioned DIN-EN 15085 welding standard must be provided with a recertification at ITEQ upon customer request.

Certified welding work

All our welders are certified and work with modern welding equipment and robots. We supply high quality TIG and MIG welding work. Steel, stainless steel and aluminium are kept strictly separate in this process.

Would you like spot and stud welds inserted or pressed? Or blind rivet nuts and pop rivets? It’s all possible at ITEQ Industries. There is only a select group of companies in Europe that are qualified to hold the DIN-EN 15085 certificate, and just a handful in the Netherlands. ITEQ Industries is one of them.

Additional information

Are you looking for a company that can produce extremely high quality products for you? Or would you like to receive more information about the DIN-EN 15085 standard? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to help and discuss the specific possibilities for your situation.

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