Over ITEQ Industries

ITEQ Industries specializes in the supply of sheet metal parts, weld assemblies and (sub-) assemblies. With co-engineering and the use of advanced automation, ITEQ provides the production of industrial sheet metal products and housings, made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous materials. There is a lot of knowledge and experience in machine and equipment construction, electric transport, alternative energy, rail, food, electronics, medical and semiconductor industries.

Contract manufacturing

We mainly use the principle of contract manufacturing. This means that we enter into long-term commitments, orders or framework contracts with our customers and deliver them in parts. Delivery of (small) series to a high degree of repetition, by making use of the most innovative production technologies. This ultimately ensures that our customer is optimally served with just-in-time deliveries.

Small series in high degree of repetition!


ITEQ Industries (founded in 1989) wants to be a flexible and reliable partner for its customers in the Netherlands and Germany with dedication and creativity. In this way she sees her challenge translated into innovatively designed sheet metal mono parts, welding compositions and (sub-) assemblies.

Where our customers commit to us, we deliver optimum performance.

We guide our customer from idea to ‘Plug and Play’. In this concept, customization, thinking in processes and solutions, equality in the relationship and result are central.

CSR is self-evident to us. We enjoy when we amaze our client!